Aro Tolbukhin. En la mente del asesino

among his things
some press cIippings

about various murders.
That's when they realized
he was such an evil man.

Aro Tolbukhin is now held
in Pavon Prison since recovering
from his injuries.

He was taken into custody
by the AIta Verapaz court,

where he confessed to new crimes.
He is heId responsibIe for the
deaths of 5 pregnant women.

AII murdered and burnt
between 1 979

and 1 981 .
It was a sensationaI case
It caught the pubIic's eye.
There wasn't much enthusiasm
to defend ToIbukhin.

I saw it as a professionaI chaIIenge.
I was younger then.
I defended anyone
for the experience

and the chaIIenge of
decIaring them innocent.

ToIbukhin, in his confession
before the court said:
''I have kiIIed 1 7 other women.''
And he added this detail:
The women were pregnant.
And all these 1 7 women,
were kiIIed in the Iast 1 2 years,
whiIe he traveIIed the worId
as a merchant marine.
He says he burned them.
But when two of the women's
bodies were exhumed,

pIastics bags were found
on their heads.

And traces of gamezan in their hair.
Gamezan was used by
the miIitary during the war