Aro Tolbukhin. En la mente del asesino

He maintained at aII times
that he'd not onIy kiIIed
7 peopIe at the Mission,

but aIso 1 7 other victims.
Our defense
had no effect.
He aIways kept to
his same confession.

Why didn't you aIIow
your Iawyer

to defend you on the grounds
of mentaI incapacity?

Because I'm not insane.
Do you think your sentence is fair?
What do you want to know?
If I deserve to be kiIIed?

I don't think he kiIIed
those 1 7 women.

There are too many contradictions.
Judging by the personaIity
that he showed us,

he suffered from serious deIusions.
I think he invented aII of that.
According to Dr. Barrios,
Sister Carmen reminded you
of your sister,

your sister SeIma.
He often repeated this word.
I thought it meant
something Iike ''thank you''

or ''pIease''...
I didn't know untiI he toId me
that SeIma was his sister's name.
She was his twin sister who died.
They had been very cIose.

When we taIked to
the prison psychiatrist,

Lise showed
even more interest in him.

She decided to ask for
a second interview.

Aro agreed, but on one condition:
that there wouId be no camera.
I stayed outside.
Lise went in aIone

with a smaII tape recorder.
She taped the interview
with ToIbukhin.

Why didn't you ever use it?