At kende sandheden

We can't justify it any more.
- Just for another month?

Seeing as we have begun,
let us pursue it to the end.

Hello, Richard!
Don't you recognize me?
From school?

You're the medical
superintendent's daughter.

l spent a couple of years in France.
Now l'm going to read
French at university.

My worst subject at school.
lsn't that funny?

Do you often eat here?
- Now and then. lt's cheap.

The food's not even fit for dogs!
How are you doing?

Not very well. l should have done
my finals at the end of this term.

But l've been doing
canine experiments.

So when will you qualify?
- Not till next summer.

So you've plenty of time, then.
You can show me
the Deer Park.

Have you never been there?
- No, nor the Bakken fairground.

lf you take the beer
l'll make some sandwiches.

You must come to our hall.
We have tremendous fun.

Do you know the first time
we ever talked to each other?

l was doing my first year exams
at high school.

Maths, and l was hopeless.
l couldn't use log tables, even.

l asked to be allowed
to go into the quad.

l spotted this tall
second year fellow.

''Malmros, will you tell me
how to use a log table?''

And you gave me a course.

Did you pass?
- Yes.

The principal said at passing out
that we'd all go up -

- but one of us needed to show more
diligence. ''lt's Eli'', they all said!

l thought it was hilarious.
Are those the sandwiches?
l did think l had
something more appetizing ...

But the sausage is all right.
l borrowed it.

Eyes as blue as a lake in spring
They really are
quite Denmark's thing