At kende sandheden

Oh, l'd like to hear
a bit about everything.

Actually l started in Sweden,
where l did my residency.

Then l succeeded Malmros
under Busch in Copenhagen.

And then you went to Aarhus
under Malmros a year later?

What was he like ... to work with?
Malmros? He's one of the great
stars of Danish brain surgery.

A fantastically accomplished
surgeon with the steadiest of hands.

lf a child required surgery
we were always to phone him.

He always did the children?
- Yes, always.

lt was a bit of a problem;
after all, one needed the training.

How did the patients regard him?
- They worshipped him.

Hardly surprising.
lf the pain is relieved -

- and you're given back your life -
- it is very easy to be grateful.
Malmros was an innovator.

And courageous; there are many
operations he was the first to do.

Aneurysms, for example.
Dr. Riber, you were on
the Medical-legal Council -

- during the Thorotrast case.
With your enthusiasm for Malmros -

- didn't you feel that
there was a conflict of interest?

ln that regard?
Yes ...
But not at all
as you imagine.

As much as l respected him
for his professional skills -

- l abhor him as a man. My years
in Ã…rhus were the worst of my life.

... l don't know what you want,
but l refuse to vent my spleen.

But those years
are your background ...

The war years were fine.
But in 1946 -

- Malmros
spent six months in America -

- acquiring new surgical methods.
l stood in for him.