At kende sandheden

l'll hold it ...
- Scissors, curved.

Send it for microscopy.
Right. Riber, close up,
l'll do the rounds.

Water ...
Tricky operations
make one touchy.

l'd held it for an hour.
l got cramp.

We've all been through it.
... Dura suture!

Perhaps l'm just not
cut out for surgery.

No ... now you mention it.
Mr. Jochumsen, the examination
revealed something we must remove.

lf it's crap, it'll have to go.
Brain crap. Rain crap.

lt's not meant to be there.
The young doctor
asked me about my dreams.

There was something l didn't like
to mention with nurses present.

l don't know if it matters?
- l don't believe it does.

When did we begin filling patient
files with psychiatric deliberations?

Joachumsen has a tumour
of the right frontal lobe.

So he has a fatuous mind
and makes lavatory jokes.

Yes, and the condition takes this
much to describe, not half a page.

He has also experienced spasms.
So l examined him with extra care.

l can't prevent you
from writing about epilepsy.

But l forbid
any mention of those twins.

The twins ...?
Malmros wanted me to write
about his endeavours.

But you worked together?
- Barely. lt was trench warfare.