At kende sandheden

Take him outside for
a bit of fresh air, eh?

There must be a risk of infection.
- Very much so.

He may need sulphonamide.
A 5 year old girl has been
brought in with stroke symptoms.

There is blood in her spinal fluid.
... lda Torp Jensen.

Hello ... lda's had a turn, l hear?
Yes, it came on all of a sudden.
Funny noises, and then she fell over.

She's getting worse and worse.
Hello, lda.
How are you?

Are you awake?
l'm going to look at your eyes.

What does that mean?
Sit down ... l'll fetch you
a cup of coffee.

No, thanks. Won't you stay?
l am so frightened.

l'm going to have to move you.
We have no more Per-Abrodil.
Only Thorotrast.
l daren't give Thorotrast
to a 5-year-old girl.

What, then?
- Her right side is paralysed.

So the haemorrhage is on the left.
We'll go in without an X-ray.
There is seepage but nothing
on the media or the carotis.