At kende sandheden

Over 1 100 people unwittingly
and without being consulted -

- were subjected to treatment for
which they paid a terrible price.

Jon Knoblau has fought for their
cause in best reporting style -

- and thereby earned
this year's Cavling Prize.

Well done.
There's a cheque, too.
lf anybody in Ã…rhus
sticks together -

- it's the senior ranks
of the medical profession.

But their smiles
will have stiffened -

- as the mistreatment of hundreds
of innocent people has come to light.

People who have been left
to die of liver cancer.

lt is only now that
the specialist responsible -

- has written an article
for the Medical Journal -

- in which he finally
admits the truth:

That there had been
warnings about Thorotrast -

- and that there had
been a harmless alternative.

So there are grounds
to reopen the legal proceedings -

- that took the lid off
this Pandora's box ...

Malmros ... No, l have no comment.
ln my experience whatever
l say will be distorted. Goodbye.

That's the third reporter today.
l've written a letter to the papers
giving Knoblau a piece of my mind.

Mudslinging never does any good.
My article must suffice.

Knoblau professes to be
crusading for the truth.

But what does he indulge in
when he discovers he's mistaken?

Distortion! A Cavling Prize
winner who distorts the truth!

Yes. lt may well be that
we could gloat over him for now.