Auto Focus

We're a Christian publication,
Mr. Crane.

Please. It's Bob.
So this is a little outside our
normal terrain. We usually don't do...

...Hollywood interviews,
what with the divorces and whatnot.

- Sure.
- That's why we're interested in you.

You've been married to your
high-school sweetheart for 16 years.

- Fifteen, actually.
- Fifteen years.

How do you do it? What's your secret?
Three words:
Don't... make... waves.
As every sailor knows,
when one set of waves meets...

...another set of waves
it can set up some chop.

And when three sets of waves
come together, it can make...

...for some mighty rough sailing.
It also helps sometimes
to have a harmless safety valve.

Because when I get tense,
I blow off steam.

And so when it comes
to my own family...

...I don't make waves.
That's inspirational.
You're a fortunate man.

Yes, I am.
- You want me to run lines with you?
- No, I got it.

Is there anything
you want to talk about?

About what?
Neither of us has said anything,
but we both know.

Know what?
- We never spend any time alone.
- What do you call this?

- Distant.
- Oh, you're being ridiculous.

Come on.
I didn't mean that. I just think
you're overreacting a little bit.

It's been a while
since we've done anything.