Stop cursing,
this ain't death comedy

I put a put ass....
Stop cursing.
I put a big red sign
Do not drink me.
No one drank it,
maybe it evaporated

Maybe I'm gonna sIap you.
Don't get on the bad side.
I wiII...

Is Iike you're taIking about
a bottIe of Henessey

You're taIking about some
funky ass appIe juice

I don't touch no body eIse's stuff...
Jimmy drank your appIe juice.
HoId up.
Why did you touch my appIe juice?
What does that mean?
Did you see me drink it?

I don't have to see you drink it.
You have to have prove.
Did you see me drink it?

I just say did I have to
see you drink it?

What did you see?
I saw you drink it.
Come on.
Let it go.
This ain't the project okay
Just sit down and pIay checkers okay?
DVDs, CDs...
What ever you want...
Not today man...
I'm going.

Look, is a possibiIity that Jimmy
drank your appIe juice.

SnaII possibiIity.
You didn't see it.
That's not right, you take his side.
I'm not taking his side.
If he say yes, kick his ass.
If he say no, squash it.
Did you drink my appIe juice?
Did you? I wanna know.
Did you?
Answer, done deaI.
Let me buy you some appIe juice.

One of you must drink it.
You better not touch my
stuff no more!