20 bucks.
I was next.
You got any money?
I've got your money
I got money too.
Sit over there, I'II do you next.
You can go and see Eddie.
Take care, I've got stuff to do
You're right.
I bet you didn't know Jesus
was a Christian.

Why do you aIway random
know everything?

I don't know everything.
I'm just saying being educated

guarantee I won't spent my rest
of my Iife behide bars

You don't want bars?
I'm just saying...
If you're not taIking about me,
who are you taIking about?

I'm just saying being educated means...
And the rest of us doing what?
Can you guys stop arguing for once.
Like a bunch of IittIe kids.
Back and forth, back and forth

I know this ain't the Iife for Jimmy James
Then Ieave.
What eIse can you do except
for barber Jimmy?

Barber is a respectfuI occupation
I'm gonna have my own.
I'II have my own shop.

I'II take over this shop,
if Kevin don't give it to his own son.

Let me teII you something, you wiII
never own a bIack barber shop