Better Luck Tomorrow

Good-bye, guys.
Study hard.
-Come on.

Not bad for academic
decathlon, huh?

Han had a friend named Jesus
who helped him steal, bribe
or do whatever it took

to get the test sheets for us.
l talked to Daric
and he was cool

with Virgil coming on board.
Between the five of us,
there wasn't anything
we couldn't do.

The money was really good,
but l don't think that's
what attracted me the most.

Okay, okay.
They got lucky.
But, you know,
there is no reason

a team of that caliber should
be able to beat us. God.

Where's your tie?
l mean, our presentation
absolutely sucked.

We looked like idiots.
Rich, privey fucks.
Press the button.
Wait till
the question is asked.

We're getting locked out
and we can't even
answer the question.

God! Ben.
Fucking twinkie.
American history specialist.
The answer was
1973, not '76.

How many more, Ben?
Would you shut up?
l told you guys
not to come.

So how's Stephanie?
Stephanie Vandergosh?
l'm going out
with her Friday night.

l asked her out last week.
Does she know it's a date?
Why? Want to lay
some money down on it?

How 'bout an even hundred?
Okay, you got it.