Blood Work

Whatever happens,
it'll be his face on the front page.

What do you have?
I've had hemorrhoids for a while. You?
Victims five and six.
Code Killer strikes again.

You're not a vegetarian, right?
How do you like your steak?
Big, red, juicy?

Neighbor came over to complain about
the noise. He got run over at the door.

Neighbor said he saw this
from the door.

Bachelor number one hasn't been dating
lately. Apparently, he's a bed wetter.

You're sick, you know that, Arrango?
-Neighbor says he didn't see a thing.
-This might be important too.

The maid quit about six years ago.
She didn't like the neighborhood.

We're calling him Chuck Taylor.
Oh, how's that?
Well, the prints. Look.
Converse. High-tops.
Chuck Taylor.
You get it, right?
You don't know who Chuck Taylor is?
Basketball coach. Stanford Cardinals.

We got the remains
of two or three people.

One of them could be a midget.
In any case, it's a hell of a gangbang.