Blood Work

I'll bet they copied you, though.
Come on, darling,
you owe me just one little one.

I know that.
When you handed me
the Cemetery Man bust...

:27:18 were my membership into
this boys club. I haven't forgotten.

Does that mean yes?
Terry McCaleb.
Lucky for us the bank
had two cameras on this.

The shooter's back there.
I'm betting the mask isn't on yet,
or Cordell would have run.

H&K 9mm, same model used
in the Valley tape.

Hold that.
Back it up a little bit.

Back up there.
Look, he's saying something.

Like in the Valley tape.
He talked there too.

Yeah, he's a real chatterbox.
Did you get a lip reader in?
I'll get on it.
What about his cartridge?
Did he pick up his brass?

Yeah, there he is.
James Lockridge.
Pulled into the bank lot,
almost got sideswiped by a sedan.

Says it was a white guy,
but nothing else.

He called for the ambulance.
Cordell died going to the hospital.

You got any leads at all?
No, I'm following
the three-strike thing.

I think the man in the ski mask
is one of those.

What about the gun? H&K's
expensive for a holdup man.

That's weird he'd keep
it after the first killing.

I thought about that. I figure he
stole it, but that lead me nowhere.

I don't know. I think we'll need
fresh blood to solve this one.