Bloody Sunday

Rubber bullets at discretion.
Come on, Gerry.
I can't get caught.
I can't get caught.

You're not going
to get caught.

Holy fuck. Keep going.
They're firing at us, boys.
You want to run for it?
Yes, roger that.
I'll give you a sitrep
when we get there.

It seems like the, uh,
riots are developing

back towards barrier 12
and back up William Street
towards Rossville Street.

Let's go round there,
see how it's going.

-We are under heavy bombardment.
-And it's now kicking off at 13.

CS gas at discretion.
I repeat: Hostiles
within our location...

What are you doing?
I'm trying to use minimum force.
I need to know as soon
as you got separation.

This is no good.
They're not moving.

Back up...
-No, we'll go round this way.
-No! No!

We'll go round
the other way to the Guildhall.

We're near the Guildhall.
Come this way.

How many yobbos?
-300 to 400 yobbos.
-300 to 400 yobbos.

Okay, perfect.
We're getting close.
Right, Sigs, can you
give me the radio?

Sergeant Major.
Get the Sergeants in,
get the Troop Commanders in.

Hello, Zero, this
is Six-Five Sunray speaking.

We're ready.
We want a "go" on the scoop up.
We want to go now
on the scoop up.

You all right, man?
You all right?

I'm choking, man.
You all right, man?
Stay here, all right?
I'm dying here.
Hey, they're taking photographs.
They're taking photos.
Why are they taking photographs?