Blue Crush

What? It's double overhead.
- What?
How's it coming?
I can't get the rails right. They're too pinched.
You wanna get wet? I got to glass before work.
It's perfect Pipe.
For real? For real.
- Move it. - Yeah, move it.
- Move. Let's go. - Let's do it.
Okay, got my noodles. Let's go.
Turn it up.
- Whoo!
It's going off!
What's up, bro?
Great. The Rat Pack's here.
Hey, what's up, guys?
Hey, Rico, what's up? Hey, girls.
We should have been here an hour ago.
If you would have gotten moving, we would have been. We're all right.
What's up, Tamayo? Hey, how's it, girls?
How is it out there? Oh, it's pretty nuts. Broke my board.
It's pretty heavy out there. Your girl got her head on straight this time?
Does she? You know it.