Blue Crush

What's up, Anne Marie? Where you been? Thought you were behind us.
Today's your big day. Let's do it.
Hey, everybody, this is my girl, Anne Marie. She's with the boys.
She's gonna get some waves. Any of you get in her way, you're gonna deal with me.
Here we go. Paddle.! Paddle.! Come on.! Move.!
Watch out.! Watch out.! Spring girl's wave. Hit it.!
Come on! Paddle in!
- Come on! - Paddle.! Paddle.! Paddle.!
What the hell is that?
- God.! You ain't even paddling. - Girls can't surf Pipe.
What the hell was that? What the hell is she afraid of?
- This ain't a beauty pageant. - Oh, if you do that again, you're barred.
Come on, Anne Marie, you got to do it this time. No fooling around.
Let's do it.
This one's yours right here. Don't blow it. Or I ain't gonna help you anymore.
Come on. Paddle, paddle.! This one's yours, Anne Marie.! Go.! Go.!
Yeah, yeah, yeah.!
You were in the perfect spot. You were right where you needed to be.
Whatever. That thing was a beast. Just dropped out.
How big was it?
It was solid. It was, like, triple overhead.
She totally had it. Yeah. She just needed to paddle a little harder.
I don't know.
It's all in your head. It's all up here.
If you just would have committed, you could have made that wave.
Whatever. At least she went. That wave was huge.