Brown Sugar

# It's like that, y'all #
#And it sounds so nice #
# Hip-hip, you the love
of my life #

#We about to go to the...
to the... to the #

#To the... to the... to the...
to the... to the... #

#The anticipation
arose as time froze #

# I stared off the stage
with my eyes closed #

#And dove deep
into the cosmos #

#The impact
pushed back... #

#The impact
pushed back... #

Sidney, Voice Over:
I started every interview

I've ever given the same way
for over 10 years.

[On Tape] So, when did you
fall in love with hip-hop?

Kool G Rap: I basically fell
in love with hip-hop,

you know what I'm saying,
when cats first started

going out to the parks,
you know,

with the 2 turntables,
the mic.

I think it was 1977.
People are rocking
in the parks.

I can remember
back in the Bronx, 1979.

Set up some turntables
in front of the building.

And we was
getting the power

from the street
lamps outside.

Plug it up
into the street pole.

MC-ing, DJJ-ing,
b-boying, break-dancing.

or popping,

beats or rhymes, you know.
I was in love with it.

Probably about
12 years old, man.

And I was watching
Wild Style.

It was creative,
it was new, it was fresh.

Breakin', rappin',

It was the whole
culture, period.

The Bambaataa show,
the Afrika Islam show.

It was just like our
way of expression.

Hip-hop spoke
directly to me because,

you know, it was speaking
from the language

that the people I was
dealing with was speaking,

and I loved it
as soon as l...

As soon as I got
introduced to it.

I was gonna be dealing
with hip-hop

whether I wanted to
or not.

Like a forced marriage,
it was predetermined.

And I heard Eric B
Is President,

and then that kind
of changed my life.

I heard The Message,
Melle Mel.

There was a rapper
named Eddie Cheeba

who was one of
the pioneers.

When I first heard
Sugarhill Gang.

Rapper's Delight.
Rapper's Delight.
That set it off
for rap music.

Funky Four
Plus One More.

Plus One More,
you know what I'm saying?

Furious Five, Freedom.
Run and them
and Whoudini freestyling.

Sucka MC's by Run-DMC.
Sucka MC's live.
Grandmaster Flash
on the Wheels of Steel.

Grandmaster Caz from
the Cold Crush Brothers.

- Cold Crush.
- Cold Crush.

- Cold Crush.
- Grandmaster Flash.