Bubba Ho-tep

It just went up like that.
- Now. Elvis
- Yes?

Don't carry it too far.
You may just get way out there
and not come back.

Oh, fuck you.
Get old, you can't even cuss
someone and have it bother 'em.

Everything you do is either
worthless or sadly amusing.

I've got what I want.
The clothes can go
to Goodwill or Salvation Army.

Very well. And I'm sorry about
your father. He was a nice man.

It was nice to meet you, Mr. Presley.
- Get the hell out.
- Now, now.

I'll be back later to do that little... thing
that has to be done. You know.

Poor Bull.
In the end...
does anything really matter?

No one here ever listened to me
Except this one guy
only. He was certifiable

That's where they took
a piece of my brain.

They got it back in D.C.
In that goddamn jar.

I got a little bag of sand
up there now.

Jack... no offense, but...
President Kennedy was a white man.
That's how clever they are!
They dyed me this color.
All over!

Can you think of a better way
to hide the truth than that?