Buying the Cow

Hello, is Susan there?
Hi, Susan. My name is David.
You answered my personal ad a couple...

Yeah, that's the one. That's me.
Hi, how are you?
Nice to talk to you. Listen...

...I think we should probably
get together sometime soon.

Hi, Cynthia. How are you? David.
That's right. Soul mate guy.

What do you say,
Papa Shan, 5:00, Tuesday?

All right. We'll see you then.
Going to hell.

Hi, Kathleen. I got it. Tuesday, Papa Shan.
Tuesday, Papa Shan, 5:00?
I don't know. Papa Shan, 5:00, Tuesday?
Hi. Excuse me.
You aren't David by any chance, are you?

No. No. Sorry.
I'm going straight to hell for this.
- David?
- It's Ralph.

Close enough.
Sorry, I'm meeting someone.
I have to get out of here.
- Hi, David.
- Nicole, what are you doing in LA?

I'm in town for my cousin's bar mitzvah.
What are you doing?

I'm leaving.
This place is such a meat market.
It's a total singles scene.

- Did you just call him David?
- Yeah. That is his name.

It's my nickname.
My close friends call me that.

- David, what are you talking about?
- Who the hell has David for a nickname?

I do. It's short for Davidian.
Branch Davidian.

- Are you here to meet a David, too?
- Yeah. Who are you?

Did you answer an ad in
Quick Match PersonaJs?

- David, do you know these women?
- You son of a...

Soul mate, my ass!