You saw?
No, Sam told me. You know,
sometimes he can be a little intense.

Yes. He once told me he didn't
think it proper for a woman my age...

:17:15 be singing and dancing
in the kitchen.

He was five.
For all his stubborn persistence,
he has a good heart.

He wouldn't push so hard
if he didn't care.

This is all very important to him, isn't it.
Yes. In a way, it's who he is.
Jo, are you telling tales on our son?
Only the most embarrassing ones.
Good, I'll join in.
We were talking about Sam's manner
the last time Charly was here.

Yes. Praying in the backyard.
Classic Roberts family dating technique.
Smooth. Subtle.

It worked for you.
Behave kids.
We've always been somewhat
of an embarrassment to him.

So what have you been talking about?
- That should do it. Thank you.
- Thank you.

- Hello.
- Hi.

- Who's that?
- You're going to love this.

Turn me on.
Yes, I'd know those legs anywhere.

Alright, Mark, what are you up to?
I just wanted to see
your beautiful face...

...and get your professional opinion.
These are samples from our new line.
I'm leaving next week on a sales trip
to push them. What do you think?

Mark, why do they have
our names on the front?

What a coincidence.
Which do you like better?

Why do you want to get married, Mark?