I'd like you to schedule
an assembly for sixth period.

I know what you kids say
about me.

Well, I'm not a bitch.
I am not a lesbian.
I am not...Medusa.
You know, I wasn't always
a principal.

When I was your age...
every weekend, we'd go
to the wrong side of town...

so that we could listen
to live Negro music.

Can I get my award now?
Get out.
OK, the cornerstone
of our operation was the key.

-Everything's cool?
-It's cool.

It opened every single door
in the school...

so we could steal any test
at any time.

Hey, guys, I saved
some seats for you.

The key is what put us on top.
Biology is killing me.
We love being on top.
I'd do anything for some help.
Or the bottom.
They're both good.

So, you're gonna
hook us up, right?

We'll talk later.
I heard a rumor that Stark
is shutting you guys down.

Everybody please take a seat.
Do I look shut down?
This isn't funny, Davis.
If I lose my eligibility...
I'm gonna stab you.
See, everybody was looking
to get ahead...

and we always had the answers.
I'm sorry about
the stabbing thing.

I overreacted.
You're the greatest.
This is the second time
I am asking you to be seated.

I will not ask again.
North Point Academy
is not a public school.