But Teddy doesn't cheat.
I know all about Teddy.
Can I talk to you for a second?
As I'm sure you know...
me and my associates here
like to do favors for people.

You know my position.
Now, Teddy hated cheating.
As far as she was concerned...

the only true act of rebellion
was cursing out a teacher.

Just hear me out.
How many times have you
been forced to see Dr. Newman?

I don't know. Like, seven,
maybe eight times.

That guy is nosy.
He's the school psychologist.
That's his job.

Well, I don't care who he is.
That guy's nosy!

OK. What would you say
if I told you...

that I could get you
your file from his office?

You could read every little word
he's ever written...

about why you do...
what you do.

This one's free.
Spread the word.
We're still in business.
Detention at our school...
meant helping the janitor
clean the building...

and that meant that there
was only one man...

standing in our way.
Oh, my God!
Somebody just puked in there!
You know...vomited?
Every day, somebody make
a puke in my school.