What's your name?
-My name?

My name is Jimmy Carter.
Jimmy Carter.
Your name?
Teddy Roosevelt.
Roosevelt. You?
Franklin Delano Roosevelt.
There's no relation there.
Dude, we're screwed.
They actually were related.
You idiot.
He doesn't know that.
-You're racist.
-Shut up!

What is your name, huh?
Now, there were still plenty of
other presidents to pick from.

George Washington,
Abraham Lincoln...

Zachary Taylor...
but Applebee, well,
Applebee was Applebee.

This is all
because of you, Napplebee.

Stop calling me Napplebee.
You know, I should
kick your ass right now...

Not my name.
I don't care what your name is.
I'm gonna kick your ass!

What about my ass?
You kick his ass,
you have to kick my ass.

I kick all ass.
Victor, count to ten.
Now, let me explain
something about Victor.

Victor was famous
for always having a plan.

I have a plan.
I think we should kick
Napplebee's ass.

That's not gonna happen.
The man abandoned his post
in the middle of a job.

He has to pay for his sins.
He writes crazy small.