All right, let's do this
one more time.

Applebee, what did you have?
I had a dream.
And in that dream,
you looked at my file.

Did you look at my file?
-I had a Nestle's Crunch.

Anybody can make
a blanket denial...

but a great liar
gives you details.

No matter what
she says she knows...

all we gotta do
is give her the details...

because, my friends,
bullshit is in the details.

Were you up
in the ceiling yesterday?

I don't remember.
How can you not remember
whether or not...

you were up in the ceiling?
I'm not so good at memory.
Is he the one?
Yes, that's him.
Jimmy Carter.
Now, do you want to tell me
what you were doing...

in the ceiling?
You mean the ceiling
by the candy closet?

-What were you doing up there?
-I already told you.

I was getting candy.
I remember it distinctly.

I wanted a candy bar,
but I only had a $5 bill.

See, I only wanted
one candy bar...

but I was forced to buy five
because I didn't have any ones.

-I remember it distinctly.
-What are you talking about?

You're the one who told us if
we didn't sell enough candy...

there'd be no senior trip.
I figured I'd climb up there...

Ieave the money,
and take the candy.

Are you trying to sabotage
the senior trip?

What I don't understand is,
what were Sammy, Victor...

and Jonathan doing
up there with you?

I can't eat five candy bars
by myself.

Applebee had a Nestle's Crunch,
Victor had a Snickers...

Sammy had two Snickers,
and I had a Reese's Pieces.

If you don't believe me,
ask one of the guys.

They'll say the same thing.
Your friends told me...
they weren't actually
getting candy bars.

In fact, they admitted
they were cheating.