Teddy, it says here
you have detention...

for the rest
of the school year.

I could do that time
standing on my head.

It also says you'll be
attending summer school.

Why are you
bothering me, dildo?

I mean, douchebag.
Because I think
I can get you out of it...

if you let me take your case.
Ever since the first grade...
I had been making fun
of the studiers.

Now I was one of 'em.
Davis, I need a favor.
Look, I'm sorry, man.
I'm out of the favor business.
This is important.
Look, I've been clean
for nine weeks.

Try Lipnick
or the Benjamin brothers.

You know what? I take back...
every apology
I've ever made to you guys.

Student court.
This is all your fault.
You turned us
into a bunch of Shapiros.

I'm not a Shapiro.
I'm an advocate
for student rights.

You're the founding member
of an extracurricular activity.

What makes you think you're
any different from Shapiro?

I don't take notes.
I said this before,
and I will say it again.

Mrs. Herman. Herman was one
of those teachers...

who loved the sound
of her own voice.

Now, she thought that
she could make us take notes...

on everything she said,
but we had other plans.

The only way to pass my class
is to take good notes.

Or have a friend
who takes good notes.