That's impossible.
It's a little possible.
It was Julie.
It doesn't make sense.
Why should we keep giving
our notes to the boys?

Do you want some boy
who's not Shapiro...

taking your admission spot
from your reach school?

But just because we're giving
them notes doesn't mean that--

And they will not be
your friends...

in five years when they're
in a penthouse in Manhattan...

and you're sitting
in an apartment in the dark...

because you can't pay
your electric bill.

She got waitlisted.
I'm on a waiting list
because of them.

She's taking it pretty hard.
We are not whores.
We are not whores.
She got to every single girl.
She is good.
We are not whores!
We are not whores!
Hey, what about Shapiro?
What do you think, Shapiro?
I'm not a whore.
I hate Shapiro.
I should kick his ass.
My money's on Shapiro.
The book. We should only
be tested on what's in the book.

should not be mandatory.

We should not have to listen
to her when she talks.

-It's not fair.

If she wanted to, she could
factor in spelling or conduct...

or penmanship.
I have a plan.
Hello. Is Mrs. Herman there?
No. She's gone to bed.
Would you like
to leave a message?

Is this her son?
:46:35 don't know me,
but I'm your real father.

The one who gave you up.
The one who never loved you.
I just called to tell you that
my feelings haven't changed.

Why are you doing this to me?
Because I hate adoption.
Have a pleasant evening.