Why would you do
something like that?

Because adoption
is an unnatural act.

It's against God's plan.
What? Adoption is awesome.
It keeps poor kids off crime.
You called from my house.
From my phone.

We're going to get 69ed
with the star.

You know...
I don't know about you...
but I hate Gradebook,
and I hate her fake little kids.

You're being insane.
Do you even know them?
Yeah, I know them a little.
From gymnastics camp.

They're freaks.
Call the freaks up
and apologize.

I got a plan.
Hey, listen, kid.
I screwed up.
Adoption is awesome.
It keeps poor kids off crime.
Now, if you give me that test,
I'll give you 47 bucks.

I was thinking something
more like...four hundred.

Jesus, you are
so goddamned greedy.

It is what it is.
Fine. Have it your way, Greedy.
Four hundred it is.
Look, I am a businessman.
I'll get you that test.
That was beautiful.
Well, I know how to deal
with adopted kids.

Does anyone know
Rexler's number?

Do this somewhere else.
-What is your problem?
-It's like a sickness with you.

It's time to grow up.
Teddy's on the wagon.