She smelled...
Handsome, you're a genius.
I'm gonna promise
the kid a hand job.

Are you crazy?
That's what we're doing, right?
We're selling sex?

No, my friends.
We're selling romance!
The kid's only fifteen.
He wants the whole package.

He wants to go horseback
riding on the beach.

He wants a candlelit dinner.
He wants to sip champagne
with her in a hot tub.

I would love to sip
champagne in a hot tub.

You guys are so very,
very wrong.

Just trust me.
We didn't even know Allison.
We didn't know her phone number.

We didn't know where she lived.
But we knew how to lie.

Do you remember...
Allison Westbrook?
I think about her all the time.
She smelled
like a moist flower.

Well, then
it's your lucky day...

because she is a close
personal friend of mine...

and I was just talking
to her a few minutes ago...

on the phone, and she said
that she'd be willing...

to go horseback riding
with you on the beach...

and to have a candlelight
dinner with you...

and sit in a tub
and drink champagne.

I don't know, man.
How about a hand job?
Two hand jobs...
and a dry hump.