Here it is, mounted.
What talent!
It emanates divine strength,
as if ghosts were dancing around it.

He seems to paint by the rules,
yet he doesn't.

He follows and breaks them
at the same time.

One stroke is worth ten thousand.
Ten thousand strokes in one!

What do rules have to do
with my painting?

Crazy yokel!
How can a bumpkin dauber claim
to question the rules of art?

You'll waste your life believing
in your paltry talent.

In 1 882, the Chosun dynasty is ending.
The Koreans are rebelling against
foreign invasions and corrupt government.

The country is in decline. These were
the days of the artist Jang Seung-ub.

We've been expecting you.
Mr. Kaiura is Japanese.
He writes for the Hansung Daily.

I brought him here because he longs
to own one of your paintings.

I admire you.
Your paintings are sublime.

He hears you like good drink.
He brought this from Japan.

It's good.
Our diplomats there enjoy it.