Cidade de Deus

Who is it?
Fuck off kid.Why are you
rushing into my hideout?

Since when is it your hideout?
Anything wrong Kid?
i am not Kid.
My name is Ze!

-You're dead bastard.
-No,he understands.

All yours I want nothing
I do not want trouble.

I had to take vegeance
on my brother's death.

you are gonna live
but you will work for us.

Easy to say.
-Where are you going?
-He's clean Ze.

-Waht is your name?

Naive's brother.
Dead Naive's brother.

Go and tell everyone
that Ze is now in charge.

We are selling coke.
Got it?

Drug dealing is a job too!
the supplier brings the merchantise
which is packed.

All is a chain.
Pot is wrapped.
coke is packed in 10s or 100s.
You can be a
carrierist drug dealer.

The kids start as messengers.
Then they do lookouts.