Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

Eh, Father--
She hasn't had time to prepare.
She's never been a princess before.
I dare say, Majesty,
you do like your banquets just so, eh?

- It's a great deal to ask
of the poor girl.
- Nonsense!

Your Majesty, I can take care
of the preparations as I always do.

Just show her what to do!
We have a princess now.
It's her duty to plan the banquet.

And the king's duty to endure it.
Yes, Your Majesty.
Now off we go!
- Thank you.
- I'm sorry I have to rush off.

Don't worry. I'll be fine.
I know you're gonna surprise us
with an incredible feast.

I just hope you're not
too surprised.

- Cinderelly!
- Cinderelly!
- Cinderelly!

Jaq! Gus! Mary!
Hello, old friends.

Look-look. Big chair
for Princess Cinderelly!

Oh, my.
Big castle too.
Don't worry, Cinderelly.
Us mice here to help.

Why, thank you, Jaq. We've got
a big day ahead of us tomorrow.

Um, this way, fellas.
Good morning, Your Highness.
Your Highness!
Ready for breakfast?
How does a cheese omelette sound?

The princess is missing!
You! You, girl!
Have you seen the princess?

Good morning, Prudence.
Oh, I thought you--
But those awful clothes!

Well, I-- I didn't recognize you,
Your Highness.

Allow me to introduce
your ladies in waiting.

- Beatrice and Daphne.
- Pleased to meet you.

You're just in time for breakfast.
Breakfast? Ooh, with toast and jam?
Your Highness, a princess
never prepares her own meals.

That is not how things are done.
There are rules about breakfast?
Of course there are rules,
Your Highness.

But it's certainly not your fault...
that you don't know
the traditions of the castle.