Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

P-P-P-P-Pom Pom!
- Your flowers, Highness.
- Well, thank you.

Oh, these are even prettier
than yesterday's.

Here's the list of remaining
preparations for the festival tomorrow.

Oh. We sure throw a lot of parties
around here, don't we?

Oh, this is no mere party, Highness.
This is the Spring Festival!
Oh, good morning, fellas.
What do you have there?

For you.
But they're too small.

They're beautiful!
How very sweet. Thank you.

Your Highness,
the festival committee is assembled...

in the library
awaiting your instructions.

And the bath is in the pantry
awaiting you.

I'll see you later, boys.
Good morning, Jaq.
Hello, Mary.
Pretty coat!

I made it for you.
Want to try it on?
Oh, very nice.
Cinderelly forgot party list!
Jaq can help.
Take list to Cinderelly!

I-I-I-I-I got it!
No problem.

I'll be right back.
Very well, the prince and I will cut
the ribbon to begin the festival.

Now, any other suggestions?
I propose we move
the Spring Festival to summer.

Genius! I wish I had
thought of it myself.

Then I'm afraid it wouldn't be
a Spring Festival any more.

- Yes, yes, quite so. Of course not,
I dare say, Your Highness.
- Yummy.

Perhaps this year we should
not invite the children.

- Can't open.
- They appear to be always underfoot.
No children. A brilliant idea.

But the festival is for the children.
And an even more brilliant rebuttal!
Oh, I suppose.
But the lines are so long.

No problem. We'll add more rides.
Help! Oh, I can't stand mice!
Oh! Disgusting!

Jaq, are you all right?
No help to Cinderelly.
Just make a big mess.

I'm sorry, Jaq.
Tell you what.

I'm about to go out to the fairgrounds.
Why don't you come with me?

- I could really use your help.
- Help? Zug-zug!

Meet me at the stables
in ten minutes.

No problem.