Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

You're not to say a word
to that shopkeeper.

- I forbid it!
- Yes, Mother.

He's got that look...
and I know that look.
Oh, very funny.
I think they're in love.

Anastasia's in love?
That's crazy, Cinderelly!

Oh, come on, you two.
Anyone can fall in love.

Anyone but Anastasia.
- Maybe she just needs some help.
- Yeah, lots of help.

Well, I had lots of help too,

We have to figure out how
to get them together again.

I know! We'll lure them into the
square, and here's how we'll do it.

The birds will get her hat.
You get the baker's attention.

Bring Anastasia back here. Get the baker
to come outside and they'll meet
right in front of the shop.

That's right, Gus.
They'll never know what hit them.

- Hey.
- Okay, fellas...

get his attention, and remember,
keep it simple.

Mice in my baguettes!
Come back here! Oh!
Oh! Filthy creatures!

Are you okay?
Oh, no!
What are you doing here
dressed like that?

You look like a laundry maid.
I'm not the one
with egg on my face.

I saw you in the baker's shop.
He must think I'm--
He saw it was an accident.
Don't give up so fast.

What would you know?
You're beautiful.

It's always been easy for you.