Cinderella II: Dreams Come True

You're gonna look so good
it's true

The fur, the bows
the chin, the nose

Oh, ah

Looks won't hide
It's what's inside that counts

You wanna be a bride
It's what's inside that counts

What about a necklace?
- Lucifer!
- Stupid cat.

Remember, you'll catch more flies
with honey than with vinegar.

What does that mean?
Who'd want to catch flies?

I mean the best way to impress
the baker is just to be nice to him.

- How do I do that?
- You could start with a smile.

Better get me
a bigger necklace.

Come on.
- I make babies cry too.
- Here.

He'll never be able to resist.
You think so?
But what if Mother catches me?
She told me never to speak
to the baker again!

Maybe it's time to stop following
someone else's orders...

and start following your heart.
It's late!
I have to go!

But what about the baker?
I could walk you to his shop.
Meet you in the market
at noon tomorrow?

I can hardly wait!
Mother, I have to run to town.
We're out of bread.

Excuse me. Can I borrow this?