City by the Sea

-You stuck him!
-l didn't, Joey did!

-Close it up!
-Get in the cage! Come on, Vince.

Lieutenant, you all right?
Joey's my son.
His mother and me are divorced.

-l'm sorry.
-Put a warrant out for him.

Get a search warrant for that casino
where he hangs out.

Keep checking with Traffic for the Chevy
Nova. l'm gonna go see his mother.

Cover the back,
just in case he's in there.

-Who is it?
-lt's Vince.

Can l come in?
-l'm sorry. lt's late.
-What do you want?

-You know where Joey is?

He's in trouble. l think he
might've killed somebody.

-You know this or you just think it?
-l'm pretty sure.

l know a very good lawyer.
He was with the D.A.

-l'm gonna give him a call.

So let me get this straight.
You walk out 1 4 years ago and
now you come back giving orders.

-Our son is in trouble.
-We don't have a son. l do.

Nothing here belongs to you.
-Learn a new song to sing.
-You walked out on Joey.

-Not on him. l walked out on you.
-What's the difference?

l'm trying to help.
You came here to arrest your own son.
lf he's responsible.
He'll have to face up to it.

That's funny. You, talking
about facing responsibilities.

You ran away. Anything got too
close, you ran to your job.