City by the Sea

-Look, l don't know--
-Don't! l don't wanna hear it.

l'll tell you what.
l'll give you till 1 2 noon.

Plenty of time to feed your kid,
whatever you gotta do.

-But after that, you find Joey, okay?

He's a good-looking kid.
-It's Gina.

-I need some money to pay the taxi.
-All right, l'll be right down.

You okay?
No. lt's 52 bucks.
Give him $60, he's a nice guy.

-Who's this?
-Your grandson.

l try not to smoke around him.
Sometimes it's just, you know....

-What's his name?

-We haven't eaten. Got anything to eat?
-l'll make you something.

-Does Joey help you out?
-He would if he could, l guess.

-How do you pay your rent?
-Workfare. Flipping hamburgers.

Until they figure out l'm dipping
in the register, which is any day now.

-Then l'll be totally fucked.
-When did you see him last?

Night before last. Said he was
gonna get some money and go.

-Go where?
-Like he knows?

Florida. Key West. Whenever
he gets rabbity, he's going to Florida.