Collateral Damage

Or they will soon.
I want you to make sure of it.

All right.
I give you 12 hours before we find
your fireman facedown in a pit.

Sure would show Washington
you can’t negotiate with terrorists.

Los Angeles was a great success.
Finally, the hypocrites want
to negotiate.

Americans hide behind family values.
False ideals.

They’ve forgotten the reality of war.
Not like us.

They found his passport.
He’s coming to Mompós.

Take a fireman from Los Angeles.

When America hears the story,
they cry rivers of tears.

Capture him. We hold him
for ransom, and they will pay.

Two teams. One at the harbor, one
in town. Find him and bring him to me.

If they don’t pay...
...we kill him.
All roads end in Mompós.
The only way into the guerrilla zone
from there is upriver.

How do I go upriver in that?
No one goes upriver.
Not without a pass.