- I'll take the test again if you'd like me to.
- You've been married for 4 years.

You live in a respectable neighborhood,
you've always had stable jobs,
you've an excellent credit history.

No drug habits, no drinking problems.
You don't smoke, no other vices
to speak of.

Is there anything else we
should know about you?

It might have taken me quite a while
to get to this point, Mr. Finster...

but now that I'm here,
I'm gonna make the most of it.

This is who I am...
And this is what I want to do.
- The stakes in this line of work are very high.
- Yes, I understand.

- It will be like nothing you've ever done before.
- I'm prepared for that.

You'll be sent in conventions across
the country, you'll record the speeches.

That's been made very clear.
You'll have to deceive other people about
what you do for a living.

- Yes.
- Even your own wife.

- Yes.
- You don't mind lying to your wife?

No, I don't mind.
That was a good one.
Move on ahead to the next station.

Hello Mr. Sullivan. Keep it out of view,
until the convention speeches actually start.
Press the back notch.
You see the flash.

It's now on. Press again. It's now off.
- Easy, isn't it?
- And the transmissions are really clear?

Within 15 yards.
Just keep it upfront for good reception.

- Where the signals go?
- Up to our satellite systems and back down to our databanks.