The conference room will
be open in five minutes.

Good morning everyone.
My name is Robert Tuttle.

I'll be your first speaker.
I'll first discuss shaving cream distribution outlets,
in North American market.
Let me begin by acknowledging what has become axiomatic,
in the field of shaving cream distribution,
namely that shaving cream,
indeed almost all personal hygiene products for men,
are what we call fashion resistant.
The overwhelming majority
of shaving cream users,

will adopt a brand and remain loyal to it.
There is a difference in methods used
to penetrate that market.

These two methods,
employed by the respective companies,

really illustrate the essential strategic choice
that faces...

The Mediterranean is beautiful, but
if it's real sailing,

I'll recommend the Sunda islands in
the Banda sea.

I was there on a trip last spring.
- Your cigarettes, sir.
- Thank you very much.

Cohibas, my favorite brand.
- Thank you. Oh I'm sorry...
- Thank you.

Would you excuse me.