- How much money does Rooks want?
- He is not interested in your money.

The situation, he thinks he can use it to his advantage.
- How?
- I'll be in touch with you in Wichita.

That's where Sunways will be sending
you on your last assignment.

How do you know that?
They haven't even told me.

Rooks knows. He knows everything.
- Can I trust Rooks?
- I can't give you warranties.

But he has the resources to provide you
with a new life, a new identity.

It's your choice, Mr. Sullivan.
What will I have to do?
Sunways will send you on a
series of assignments.

You'll receive a disk on each trip.
DigiCorp's agents will be following you,
wherever you go.

Let them.
That's what Sunways wants.

At each destination you'll be met
by a Sunways contact.

They'll download data onto your disk.
DigiCorp's agents will assume
you are receiving valuable information.

As you travel to more cities
collect more data,

and complete more assignments,
You agent status will rise.
DigiCorp will then assume you have become
one of Sunways top company man.

Each disk you bring home will
seem more important than the last.

As they copy the Sunways files,
DigiCorp will think they have won,

a major victory against their greatest rival.
In reality DigiCorp is the loser.
Sunways is feeding them corrupt data
that will sabotage their operations.