You don't have to pretend to be Thursby.
I know you're not brainwashed.
I know that Sunways
has been using you,

as a double agent against DigiCorp.
You're gonna kill me?
Not if you return your loyalty to me.
Instead of Sebastian Rooks.
Oh yeah, I know that you work for him.

As a matter of fact, we both do.
I'm Rooks inside source at DigiCorp.

- His what?
- He paid me to hire you.

So you could be his pawn
Once you were sent of to Sunways.

You didn't think I hired you because
I was impressed by you, did you?

It's a good plan, really.
Rooks knew that
you would appear in Kansas,

on the way to the Sunways Vault.
He knew he could convince you
to switch their disk with his.

- That was his scheme, from the very start.
- Its not possible.

Rooks disk contains a search program.
It'll penetrate the Vault's secure network,
and quietly steal a data file without triggering any alarms.
What data file?
Who knows? But if Rooks has gone
through all this trouble to get it,

It must be extremely valuable.
His plan was full proof.
Except for one factor
he failed to consider.

What do you want?
When you come out of the Vault,
deliver the disk to me, not Rooks.