Dans ma peau

It smeIIs good .
I had a tweIve-pack sent up.
The grocery downstairs
takes orders by phone. It's handy.

I have to work tonight
to meet my Wednesday deadIine.

I don't know what to say
about your cuts.

Say nothing .
But I'm worried .
You won't do it again , wiII you?
No, I did it without thinking .
You couId see a doctor.
Get some piIIs.

I do, if I'm depressed or anxious.
You couId see my doctor.
But he'd probabIy have you certified !
I know you ,
but it Iooks sick to an outsider.

Anyhow, there's no need .
-Isn't Thomas coming?

He canceIed .
Not that I care,
so Iong as I have company.

How's your presentation going?
I'm so fed up.
I deserve a more responsibIe job.
With my experience and cIients,
I shouId be a project manager.

I'd Iike that. EspeciaIIy the money!
You'II soon be a research anaIyst.
I feeI Iike a stooge.

I'm not so sure I wiII .
Tomorrow, at the office party,

I'II ask Modier
if I get the job and when .

I wouIdn't.
You couId bIow your chances.