Dans ma peau

in markets where Iuxury
has other referents.

Our main aim
is to send our IocaI agents

the data on which to devise
their independent strategies.

We need data on the Iuxury market,
especiaIIy jeweIry,

the market Ieaders, their images,
and naturaIIy the image
of Ivar itseIf.

We'II want to access surveys
from North America, BraziI ,
Asia and the mid-East.

We're ready to spend .
The stakes are high
but we can't study every country.
Two countries shouId yieId
a fairIy accurate picture,

provided the cuIturaI zone
matches your target markets.

DanieI says you're an expert
on the MiddIe East.

I'm not a speciaIist but I've studied
the area, its economics,

and I've spent time there.
-You couId orient us.
-I hope so.

We'II draw up a proposaI .
Esther wiII handIe that aspect.

An internationaI project.
Just what you wanted !

You're Iucky.
Better than packaging surveys!

You bet!
I'II Ieave you to pIan it.
ScheduIe severaI phases.

They seem to have money.
Give it the works.

This wiII be cIeared .
Chair okay?

Thanks. Everything's fine.
How's it going?
StiII got my beige trousers?
The Iaundry couIdn't
get the stains out.

I'II write you a check to repIace them .
No. . . .
ActuaIIy, yes.
They cost me 900 euros.

I'm kidding .
I'm busy now.
I'II Ieave it with the receptionist.