Dans ma peau

What was it?
The postures of the peopIe in the ad .
There was a hand gesture
which we saw as being very eIegant.

It deepIy shocked the Japanese.
It was Iike a gesture of disdain .
For the reader, it signified refusaI .
TaIk about detaiIs!
CruciaI detaiIs!
Often , the whoIe thing
hangs on such subtIeties

in the IocaI cuIture.
We have to be carefuI

not to send negative signaIs.
They say a transIation error
brought Japan into WorId War II !

Communications are
different in Japan .

We have a gIobaI strategy
but Japan is an exception .

We have a marketing team there.
It's so unIike Europe and the U .S .
I didn't know Japan
was so unique in that way.

Some years ago,
we ran our gIobaI ads there.

The tests were catastrophic.
Two different cuItures.
It did our image more harm than good .

Status symboIs, especiaIIy,
are perceived very differentIy.

The Japanese marketing department
ignored guideIines from France.

They were aImost compIeteIy useIess!
We devised IocaI strategies instead .
You worked in Japan?
For ten years.
I trained there and stayed on ,
but Iiving so far away was hard .
I missed France.

I worked in Germany,
then back to Paris.

What drew you to Japan?
I studied Japanese history,
then got an M.B.A.

I knew the Ianguage and
the country fascinated me,
Iess for its present than its past.
It was Iike a dream .
Seeing for reaI
the things I had studied ,

or what was Ieft of them .
If you study a Ianguage,
you want to use it.

That was another motive.