Death to Smoochy

Hey, Angelo.
I was a big fan of your work
with the Krinkle Kids.

I appreciate you coming over
to be a Rhinette.

A job's a job.
See you out there.
Where can you go when skies turn gray
Where the sun always shines
And the animals play

Where every day is a happy day
Well, Smoochy's here to show the way

Smoochy's Magic Jungle
It's a happy, it's a happy
Happy, happy place

Hip, hip, hip, hooray!
I thought you weren't coming.
You'd forgotten.

Agreed to meet you.
I had a dinner engagement.

Really? I used to have dinner
engagements. Four or five a night.

Don't do this, Randy.
I'd go to a restaurant,
10 guys reached for my hat.

I'd go to take a piss, they'd
clear the restroom. You know why?

I'm Rainbow-fucking-Randolph,
that's why!

You through?
What? You got things to do?
You don't have time for me?

The guy who earned for you? Put the
Armani surplus suits on your back?

The coq au vin in your Brooklyn mouth.
We helped each other.
Till someone messed up....

Who could that be?
Right, it was Rainbow-fucking-Randolph!

For what? Ass-wipe money.
You gotta fix this.
I want my old time slot back.