Death to Smoochy

Have them both. Good.
-I like frosted. I like sweeter.
-Me too.

As a kid I ate frosted.
Let's go the old-fashioned way....

I want to tell you honestly,
I felt....

Hey! Nora! Wait up.
I thought that was a good meeting
today. We tackled some hot issues.

I felt once or twice
my voice wasn't being heard.

That's a conservative estimate.
I want the show
to have weight. Substance.

Silly songs, absolutely,
but with a message.

Guess how many compositions
I have in the Smoochy songbook.

-Do you sense my lack of interest?
-Over 300...

...on subjects from vegetables to
the importance of donating plasma.

I'm a valuable resource, Nora.
Use me--

Okay, stop talking.
I'm gonna make this real easy for you.

The only reason you're on TV is
because Rainbow Randolph is a scumbag.

I didn't discover you.
I delivered you, like groceries.

I got more emotional investment
in my nail polish.

So don't peddle your sap to me.
Your job is to smile
and nod your head.

Look. I'm not literally comparing
Captain Kangaroo to Jesus Christ.

I'm saying that the Captain,
like Christ...

...was someone you could
really believe in.

With those guys...
:17:41 wasn't about the bells and
whistles, it was all about the work.

Especially Jesus.
I mean, forget about it.

I never saw anybody get
buzzed on orange juice.

I'll tell you a secret: Pop
a little liquid alfalfa in it...

:17:58's blastoff time.