Dog Soldiers

-I've got a reaI craving for a kebab.
-I'll take that as a yes.

Right, we've got limited ammunition.
I want you to get as many pots
and pans as you can lay your hands on...

... fill them with water and keep them
on the boil, all right?.

... whiIe you're at it, stick the kettIe on.
We could all do with a brew.

Terry give us a hand with this.
Other side. Other side. Ah, you fool!
You came here because of them, right?.
I don't have a fucking clue what 'they' are.
And right now, I don't really care.
Then what are you doing here?.
This was supposed to be
a routine training exercise and that's all.

So this wasn't a rescue mission?.
No, I guess not.
Back door's secure.
What's happening here, Spoon?.
Well, they're still moving around our there...
... but they're keeping their distance,
staying within the tree line.

Maybe they've had enough for one night.
Not likely.
They're smart. You've seen what they can do.
My guess...
... is they're doing exactIy
what you'd be doing in their shoes.

They're working as a team.
Looking for a weakness, a way in.

I'm not about to second guess these things.
They're enemy, simple as that.
This is no ordinary enemy.
You know what this reminds me of?.
Rourke's Drift.
A hundred men of HarIech
making a desperate stand...

... against ten thousand Zulu warriors.
Outnumbered, surrounded...
... staring death in the face,
not flinching for a moment.

Balls of British steel.
You're bloody loving this, aren't you?.
It's totally bone -- That's all there is to say.