What can I do?
It was acting
like it used to
when she'd come home.

I felt like she was there...
in the house.
Jesus, Joe.
I don't know what to do
about the--
The bird?

I'll take care of it.
I'll wake up the vet
if I have to.

You just...
hang in there, okay?

All right. Thanks.
Is Jeffrey awake?
Not a good idea right now.

Is he in his room?
Visiting hours aren't
until 10:00, Joe.

Joe, there was some talk
around here I think
you should know about.

Where is he?

He's downstairs
getting blood work,
but can I tell you what I--

His nurse-- Is she with him?
Would you just listen
to me for a minute?

She said there was
a nun on the ward...

interviewing kids about
near-death experiences.

Sister Madeline.
Do you know
where she is?

She's no longer
employed here, Joe.

And you know why?
Because she overstepped
her bounds.

Where is she employed?
Would-- Would
Chaplain Services know?

Could you leave us
alone for a minute?

What are you doing,

You know
what I'm doing.
You gave me permission--

To look in on Emily's kids.
That was two days ago,
and you haven't left since.

I told you,
I promised my wife.

That you'd upset them?
Jeffrey's cardiologist saw
the readout on his E.K.G.
from 2:30 yesterday afternoon...

and he was damned upset
that your visit...

put him under
that kind of stress.

What is going on, Joe?