I bet you that is hard for you, B.
[Ernest Laughing]
Yeah, right. Don't even try that...
"White Men Can'tJump" bullshit.

I got skills, man.
I'm just sayin',
in my high school...

marching band
was all about military precision.

I coulda been
a P-1 at Georgia Tech...

or U.G.A. in a minute.
So, what you here for, then?
I love black people.
All right. All right.
No, on the real, man...
I love this band.
I grew up right down the street.
When I was little...
I could hear 'em practicing
down the block from my house.

I'd be outside playin'--
[Mocking Violin Music]
I'm serious, y'all.
Come on.

A&T's the reason...

I picked up a drum
in the first place.

I feel you on that one, dog.
[Telephone Rings]
Oh, shit!
Ernest: Hel-Hello?
I can do that.
I can do that.
I can--
I can do that.
[Whistle Blows]
[Whistle Blows]
Section Leader:
Do not slow it down. Move it! Move it!

Come on. Come on.
Pick it up!

[Chants And Drumming]
''The beginning is always today.''
One of my favorite quotes.
President Wagner,
what a pleasant surprise.

So, what exciting new beginnings...
can we look forward to this year?
Well, for the most part,
I'll continue with...

the overall direction
of the program.

That direction is a losing one.
I don't think we can measure
the success of our program...

by the number of people...
shaking their butts
in the stands...

and no, we didn't win
the B.E.T. Classic...

but our first obligation
is to educate...

and then entertain.
not the edu-tainment speech,James.

Save it for your students.
It's a good one.
The kids in my program are learning.
There won't be a program...
if the alumni continue
to lose interest.

We win, they write checks.
Dr. Henderson was smart enough
to know that.