Actually, Dr. Lee,
why don't we let Devon run it?

Oh, nah.
You the big dog.

Do your thing.
No, I really think it'd help
if somebody else played it.

I wouldn't do it no justice.
What are you two--
Beavis and Black-head?

It doesn't have to be perfect,

I just want to hear it.
Come on. You knocked
that cadence out I did...

in, like, a minute.
You got it.
Go on, rip it, dog.
Go on, dog.
Dr. Lee: Let's go, Devon.
Band Member:
What's wrong, D?

Dr. Lee:
Mr. Miles, is there a problem?

Don't feel like playing
that wack-ass cadence.

Yo, that was a bitch move, Sean.
It's obvious,
if anybody bothered to pay attention.

Personally, I don't give a damn...
if the boy can't read a book.
He's strong, and you know it.
Have some respect
for your section, Robert.

Snares have a standard.
It's my job to protect the line
and that's what I did.

You don't like it, follow his ass out.
You lied on your application...
you lied at your audition...
when you played
the required piece...

and you lied to me.
I didn't think
it was that big a deal.

Play that.
That's the music
for next week's game...

and you can't read it.
And as far as I'm concerned...
that's a very big deal.
I'm enrolling you...
in the applied percussion course.
Man, that gives me 5 classes.
Damn right it gives you 5 classes...
and it ought to be 1 0...
especially if you plan
on getting back on the line...

anytime soon.
What you mean
getting back on the line?

I mean now you're a P-4.
If you cannot read music...
you cannot be on my field.
Man, you can't take me off the line.